Month: August 2016

Revival #27 (or so)

What this website seems to be using to stay alive
Photo credit: Physio-Control, Inc. via / CC BY

I haven’t done anything with this domain for a while, other than receive email. I’m going to change that.

For now, I’m just getting things set up. In the near future I will be sharing my thoughts on pretty much whatever I want. The topics will be all over the place, but will include religion, politics, computers, science, philosophy, kids, current events, married life, and home improvement. Probably not much on current events.

The first thing I will write about is Free Will, and is the beginning of an ongoing look into why I believe what I do. This is less for everyone else and more for me, because writing it down forces me to think things through, investigate positions, justify my statements, and hopefully do so articulately.

The working title for Part 1 is “I Am Not (Just) A Bag Of Chemical Reactions”